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Fractal Visualization Software

Image Gallery:
(All images in the gallery can be loaded into Fraktalysator)

This project is by no means finished. If you have suggestions what features are missing, please start a thread. For a list of known issues or to report a new issue see this page.
This software should run on Linux and Mac using
Mono. This however is not tested yet. See this Page for instructions.
Fraktalysator is designed to be portable. It should run from anywhere (provided the Requirements are met) and Read/Write-Operations are limited to the working directory.
Uses ArgusLib (


  • Render various fractals including Mandelbrot Set, Buddhabrot, Multibrot Set, Tricorn, Burning Ship and more to come. An Implementation of Julia Set is coming soon.
    See the
    Gallery for some example images, all rendered with Fraktalysator.
  • Video creation is not yet possible from the user interface, but soon will be!
  • Optimized calculation algorithm for the Mandelbrot Set and related fractals.
  • Many coloring options
  • Automatic checking for updates
  • Available in: English, German

See my Silverlight App for a reference what features will likly be implemented.



Video creation is a feature I'm currently working on. It's not yet possible from the user interface, but I already created some videos with my test app:




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